Digital Signing

  • Ever stopped to consider how many different things you sign every day for your business?

    • Sales contracts, 

    • vendor agreements, 

    • non-disclosure agreements, 

    • forms of every kind. 

    It quickly adds up to a lot of paper that you must:

    • manage, 

    • track, 

    • prioritise, 

    • return and 

    • store. 

  • Now, imagine how much easier your life would be if you didn’t need to print and fax or overnight all those documents. 

  • No trying to remember who signed what when. 

  • No waiting by the fax machine. 

  • No filing cabinets. 

  • Electronic signatures open up a whole world of opportunities to cut cost and accelerate the speed of business. The benefits of electronic signatures are simple and valuable.

    • Save time – Stop chasing paper! Get documents signed online in minutes, not hours

    • Keep control – Know who signed your documents, and when they signed them

    • Stay mobile – Store your documents online for access anytime, from anywhere

    • Gain confidence – DocuSigned documents are legally binding in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    • Make it easy – Gain a valuable advantage by making it easy to do business with you.

  • What is an electronic signature?

    • Electronic signatures are a legally binding way to affirm your agreement to a document.

    • are designed for global compliance with key components of the European Directive 1999/93 EC on a Community Framework for Electronic Signatures, including the UK Electronic Communication Act.

Top 10 uses for electronic signatures.

1. Sales contracts

  • For many businesses, sales contracts are the most frequently signed item—and the most important. 

  • This can include multinational enterprise business-to-business sales, or even a residential cleaning business. 

  • One area where electronic signatures have gained tremendous acceptance in property transactions. 

  • In fact, digital signing is proven in more than 4 million property transactions.

  • Business examples:

    • B2B sales, 

    • property contracts, 

    • service businesses 

2. Vendor/supplier agreements

  • Small businesses are often at a disadvantage in negotiating with vendors, so it is valuable to be able to lock in the price and terms quickly, as soon as agreement is reached. 

  • Rather than waiting hours or days, you can finalise the agreement within minutes.

  • Business examples: 

    • retail, 

    • consumer or 

    • business services

3. New customer forms

  • If your customers need to fill out forms or other paperwork to do business with you, electronic signatures have a place in your business. 

  • Not only do you save on paper and printing, you can eliminate rekeying of data, which saves time and translates to virtually no errors.

  • Business examples: 

    • salons and spas, 

    • doctor’s offices

4.Change orders

  • For project-focused businesses, change is a constant. 

  • There may be a surprise of situation in the middle of a lengthy project, or the clients may simply change their minds. 

  • By adding electronic signatures to change orders, you can avoid project holdups and easily maintain a complete, documented “paper” trail for review in the cloud anytime.

  • Business examples: 

    • architects, 

    • web designers, 

    • construction.

5. Customer approvals

  • For businesses that deliver anything custom-made, that last approval prior to manufacture is critical. 

  • Electronic signatures let you capture and store approvals with ease, so you can quickly move on to completing the order.

  • Business examples: 

    • print shops, 

    • custom art/furniture

6.Employee onboarding

  • There’s plenty of paperwork associated with hiring a new person 

    • contact forms, 

    • benefits enrollment, 

    • automatic deposit for paychecks… 

  • the list goes on. 

  • All those documents can be handled securely and with ease using electronic signatures.

  • Business examples: any with more than one employee

7. Intellectual property licensing & other legal audit trail, 

  • ideal for common legal documents, such as intellectual property licensing.

  • Business examples: 

    • franchise stores, 

    • technology companies agreements 

 8. Non-disclosure agreements

  • In a competitive world, non-disclosure agreements provide security, enabling you to do business more freely. 

  • Using traditional pen and paper is highly inconvenient, so often go overlooked. 

  • With electronic signatures, it’s so easy and fast—they can be signed via mobile device, or even in-person, enabling you to hold your discussions with confidence.

9. Distributor/channel agreements

  • If partnerships with dealers, distributors or other sales channels are core to the success of your business, electronic signatures can make it easy and more attractive to do business with you.

  • Business examples: 

    • technology companies, 

    • wholesalers

10. Parental consent & age verification

  • Whether you work with kids or need to verify the age of your employees to serve alcohol at your restaurant, electronic signatures can integrate with ID verification solutions to make it easy.

  • Business examples: 

    • bouncy house rental, 

    • kids’ camps, 

    • school field trips


  • Electronic signatures are capable of transforming your business for the better. 

  • Digital signing makes it easy, not to mention highly cost effective. 

  • With these you gain the freedom to finish business faster with the world’s most trusted electronic signature network. 

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