How to choose a strong password

  • A secure password is one that:

    • a hacker can't easily guess or crack using software tools and 

    • is unique and complex. 

  • Below are a few do's and don'ts on how to choose a secure password. 

  • Choose a password that no one will easily guess or hack

  • Don't use a word or phrase of special importance to you like a birthday or family member. 

  • That's the kind of information that can be discovered by someone doing a little digging. 

  • Make sure your password is long 

    • Longer passwords are more secure so pick a password that is at least 8 to 10 characters long. 

  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols and numbers 

    • The more characters and symbols your passwords contain, the more difficult they are to guess. 

    • For example, if you want to use the phrase "I Love chocolate" you can change it to "@1Lov3Choc0lat3". 

  • Don't use commonly used passwords 

    • Passwords such as 123456, the word "password," "qwerty", "111111", or a word like, "monkey" is easy to guess. 

  • Do not share passwords 

    Don't write your passwords down, share them with anyone or let anyone see you log into devices or websites. 

    Don't use the same password across multiple websites 

    If remembering multiple passwords is an issue, you can use a password manager to securely store your passwords. 

    There are pay‑for and free password managers available, for example Dashlane, LastPass, Keeper and even Google Passwords. 

    If you suspect any fraudulent activity 

    If you think your password has been compromised, change it immediately. You can easily change your password from ClientZone. Simply click on the 'Forgot Password' button on the login screen. You will receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. 

    Remember to choose an unusual password and do not use the same password for all your websites. Use the tips above to help you create a new secure password. 

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